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Trazabilidad Trazabilidad Trazabilidad

The DEVISA traceability program complies with the objectives of protecting consumer’s life and health, ensuring the quality of its products, supporting the resolution of food harms, and controlling the environmental issues. This has enabled the company to gain the confidence of its consumers.

DEVISA carefully controls the traceability of the final product throughout the agricultural and industrial process, from the land to the clients’. In farms, our technical team advises producers on agricultural practices: planting, irrigating, fertilizing, and monitoring pests and diseases. Besides, the control of residues and pesticides is made before harvesting. The entire production process and all the auxiliary materials required (packaging, additives…) are carefully monitored at the factory.

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Commercial Registry of Seville. Entry 2, sheet 16.321, Folio 123, Volume 1127 dated 05/07/89
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